Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Surrey Metro Taxi is committed to protecting your privacy. In the course of providing the most efficient and expedient service we do collect personal information such as (but not limited to) names, addresses and telephone numbers. It is our policy to only use this information for the purposes of providing the requested service and any other use would constitute a violation.
Payment information is never retained without express consent and our payment processing devices are always updated with the most recent security protocols.

If you feel like any of your information has been compromised contact our business office immediately at 604 635 2051 or [email protected] and we will commence an internal investigation. Remedial action, if necessary, will be undertaken by management. If the instance should require more serious action details can be shared with authorities assuming it poses no risk to other uninvolved clientele or staff. Depending on the result of any investigation undertaken internally or by another party, this policy could be subject to amendment. Notwithstanding any investigations, this policy shall be subject to annual review.

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