Lost & Found

Lost & Found

If you believe you have lost something during your journey with us, we’ll naturally make every effort possible to help you retrieve it. Remember that after a cab drops off, usually the next passenger is likely to find any left property at the back seat of the taxi. To assist us, we recommend you always obtain a receipt at the end of your journey. This enables us to track down all the details we need to look for your item(s). Please note that lost & found items are turned in to dispatch after each shift. Dispatch can assist you if you call either 604-585-8888 or 604-635-2050.
If you believe that you may have left something in one of our vehicles,

Please provide us with the following details.
Property Lost *
Name *First.
Name Last
Pickup / Drop off Location
Taxi Details: Cab #
Contact Phone #
Email address
Additional Information/Reward

You can reach us at the following number Lost & Found

Phone: 604 635 2050
Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 4:30pm

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