Taxi fares are regulated by the local authority and are the same for all taxi companies. Below is a chart that summarizes the fares, which can also be found on the PTB website.
  • Flag – $3.50
  • Per KM. – $2.03
  • Waiting Time (Hourly)- $36.29

You can easily estimate how much your fare should cost by multiplying the kilometer rate by the number of kilometers and adding $3.50 for the meter drop. However, keep in mind that this will only be an estimate and waiting times need to be adjusted into the fare price.

  • All rates are regulated by the Passenger Transportation Board when using any taxi company. All taxi fares include Canadian “Goods & Services Tax” (GST).
  • Passengers who spoil or damage the interior of a vehicle with bodily fluids or solids required to pay a clean-up fee of $80 in addition to meter rate.

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